Pub trivia with a nice set of wits.

So much fun at trivia, you'll quiz yourself. 

About Us

You play trivia? Sweet... so do we.

Smart Mouth Trivia is more than a few hours of flexing your knowledge of useless information whilst incessantly shushing the bar just to hear a question. Our hosts make sure to create a relaxed yet interactive environment where smarts get you points, but snark gets you glory. Don't worry about missing questions... we're nerds enough to have a slideshow presentation ready for you. And, yes, we do take music requests. 

But wait! We're more than trivia!


We're trivia for sure, but we also have other fun, fun things to offer:

Music bingo – Numbers are replaced with song names on bingo cards. Themed rounds (ex: 90’s, disco, rock) of songs are played. Mark off songs until you can scream at your host. Please scream bingo. 

Football bingo – Similar to music bingo, but with various football plays in place of numbers on the cards. Don’t worry – we keep our smart mouths quiet during the actual game, only checking plays during commercials. 

This stock photo makes no sense.


And neither does NOT having Smart Mouth Trivia at your establishment. Whether classic trivia, music bingo, or football bingo, we will add spice to your establishment's experience and make sure that playing or not, your patrons are entertained and keep coming back! 

We would LOVE to schedule a time to chat about Smart Mouth Trivia being part of your calendar. Click the link for more information 

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